Make a Beltane Basket

An old May Day tradition is to leave baskets on your neighbors doors.
You can make this basket and fill it with the flower that sends the message you want to send along. Hang it on the door of someone special!

You’ll need the following supplies:
• Heavy-duty paper
• Scissors and glue (or tape)
• Flowers of your choice

Cut a large circle out of heavy-duty paper. The best kind of paper for this project is actually the 12×12″ scrapbooking paper — it doesn’t tear easily, and it comes in an apparently endless variety of designs. To cut the circle, place a large dinner plate on the paper and trace it, and then cut it out.

Cut a wedge-shape out of the circle. Imagine the circle is a pizza with six slices, and remove one of those slices.
In addition to the circle, you’ll need a strip about 12″ long by an inch wide.
Roll the circle (minus the wedge-piece) up so that it forms a cone shape. Tape or glue the edges in place.
Attach the strip to the open end of the cone, to make a handle.

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