Capture the Sun’s Energy

Midsummer, or Litha, is the day that the Sun’s energy is at its strongest. Take the time on this day charge your solar crystals (quartz, sunstone, citrine, ruby, bloodstone..) and gold amulets. Or you can try this neat project from Lynn Woike at

Gather together glitter, confetti and any similar material – perhaps crushed yellow gemstones – and put it all in a clear jar or in a bowl. Hold it up to the first rays of the morning sun. Keep it in the sunlight for as long as you feel is necessary to absorb its essence, power, life force, joy and warmth. Perhaps even put it out again at noon and sunset.

Then, divide your material into tiny bottle or jars and label them “Sun Dust” with directions to “sprinkle as needed for light or warmth.”
You can decorate the bottles by inserting a tiny screw eye hook into the top of the cork and attaching beads, charms and other trinkets – or hang it from a cord, ribbon or chain.

If weather prevents you from catching the rays on June 21, try for the 20th or the 22nd. If you look at the sunrise and sunset times of each day, you’ll notice that there is less than a minute’s difference in the length of each day.

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