Botany & Minerology

Utilizing the power of stones is a great way to augment your magic, both in your spellwork and your muggle world.  You can wear a particular stone as jewelry, carry it in your pocket, or display in a place of prominence and allow its energy to permeate the area.

Choosing which stone to use can be daunting since there is a myriad in which to choose.  Things to consider are their planetary and elemental associations, as well as your own intuition.  Another perspective that is often overlooked is how the stone was formed.  Was it formed on the Earth’s surface by the sedimentation of minerals and other particles (  sedimentary), by the heat and pressure deep within the Earth (metamorphic). Was it formed by solidifying magma (igneous), and if so, is it plutonic (formed within the earth), or volcanic (formed on the surface)?  Does the rock contain high amounts of metal (ore)?

Below you will find keywords for each of the stones and pictures to help with stone identification.  Click the picture to go to a more detailed analysis of each stone.

Botanicals are another gift from the Earth and each one also has its own personality.  I have also provided correspondences for plants, trees, flowers, fruits and herbs for your spellcraft.


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