What are correspondences?

We can use many things to enhance the power of our spells.  Planets, zodiacal signs, gemstones, plants, colors, and numbers each vibrate to different frequencies that we can harness.  This sections explains how to choose just the right materials to help achieve our goals.


Colors vibrate to frequencies that align with our desires.  Check here when you aren't sure what color to incorporate into your spell, or simply what color to wear to enhance your energy.


Plants, Herbs, & Trees

Herbs, plants, and trees also have their own personalities and correspond to different magical intents.  In these sections you will find their correspondences.

Gemstones, Minerals, & Metals


The planets in our solar system have been compared to the gods, and planetary energies can be called upon to help us.  Consult an ephemeris to see where the planets are currently located, and which ones are currently in retrograde motion before you schedule your casting.


The zodiac forms a belt around the elliptic through which all planets move.  As each planet moves from one sign to another, it takes on the "flavor" of that sign.  Check here to see what's going on!