Countdown to Yule

December 21st, 2017
87 days to go.

Deities and Archetypes:

Father Gods, Holly King, Pagan Santa, Resurrected/Returning Hero


red and green, silver and gold, white

Symbols and Themes

Yule log, Sun, Yule Fire, Mistletoe, the Longest Night, Darkest Night, Starry Moonless Night, Returning of the Light.

Solar System Necklace

Are you looking for something to do while you're sitting vigil on the longest night of the year?  With a little experience in beading, you can construct this beautiful necklace and carry all the powers of the Milky Way around your neck.  Purchasing all the materials can be a little pricey, but beginning your project well in advance would give you time to gather the materials slowly, and allow time to charge each "planet" with the appropriate energy.

Make a Witchball

These work great as ornaments on the tree, decorations around the house, or as Yule gifts. Use the magic all year 'round! 

Most craft stores will carry the clear, empty ornaments. Simply fill them with spell components. Herbs, flower petals. resins, incense powders...you get the hint. You can get very creative by dressing small birthday candles and fitting them inside with glue and tweezers. Roll up a tiny scroll with a sigil, or other symbol to represent the intention (even if the intention is simply "Have a happy holiday"...) Let your imagination run wild with it!