Countdown to Imbolc

February 3rd, 2018
4 months to go.


white and silver, green (like fresh growth), pink

Deities and Archetypes

Arianrhod, Brigid, Hestia, Vesta, Bast

Symbols and Themes

snakes (serpents), swans, candle flame, silver spiral, silver wheel, "potential", unmanifested energy, the Wheel of Fortune.

Imbolc Tea

This "tea" is actually warm milk, but it is an appropriate toast to the Goddess on the Sabbat (and a pretty good drink, too!)  The honey adds a nod to the Sun, to help coax his return.

1 cup milk
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
In a ceramic or glass mug, combine the milk, honey and vanilla. Microwave on HIGH for about 1 1/2 minutes. Stir.

Feeling frisky?   Add a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream.

For the Birds

It may be cold outside, but why not bring some nature to you?  Make this bird feeder and hang it out side near a window.  Have fun bird watching at the window, and try to identify all the winter birds that come to feed.

It's really easy!  Just take a pine cone, cover it with peanut butter, and then pour on the bird seed!  To make it more magical, be sure to bless the feeder before hanging.

Make Some Candles

Making candles are a perfect way to celebrate Imbolc.  They're fun, pretty easy, and you can use many different kinds of containers for your candles - glasses, jars, buckets, cups, bowls and more. It just has to be leak proof and fire proof! Add a magic touch by incorporating stones, herbs, and your own energy to the wax, and you've got a nearly unlimited variety of possibilities.

Solitary Ritual

If you aren't quite ready to design your own ritual. try this one written by Patti Wigington from -

Hundreds of years ago, when our ancestors relied upon the sun as their only source of light, the end of winter was met with much celebration. Although it is still cold in February, often the sun shines brightly above us, and the skies are often crisp and clear. As a festival of light, Imbolc came to be called Candlemas. On this evening, when the sun has set once more, call it back by lighting the seven candles of this ritual.

Tair Cacen Lleath

...means "Three Milk Cake".  Nurturing Mother's Milk is a symbol of Imbolc, and this recipe is perfect for an Imbolc offering


•     5 eggs
•     1 cup white sugar
•     1 cup self-rising flour
•     1 teaspoon vanilla extract
•     1 (14 ounce) can sweetened condensed milk
•     1 (12 fluid ounce) can evaporated milk
•     1 cup milk