Countdown to Beltane

May 5th, 2018
7 months to go.

Symbols and Themes

Fertility and fertilization, sex, phallic symbols, growth, faerie rings, the Fae Court.


all the bright colors of summer:  bold blues, reds, yellows, greens, orange, etc.

Deities and Archetypes

Cernunnos, Bacchus, Dionysus, Pan, Priapus, Artemis, Floralia, Bel, Diana, Freya, Vesta, the Green Man


Make a Beltane Basket

An old May Day tradition is to leave baskets on your neighbors doors.

You can make this basket and fill it with the flower that sends the message you want to send along. Hang it on the door of someone special!

You'll need the following supplies:

  • Heavy-duty paper
  • Scissors and glue (or tape)
  • Flowers of your choice

The Language of Flowers

In the Victorian era, it became popular to send people messages told in the language of flowers. There was a fairly standard list, so if you received a bouquet of lemon blossoms, for example, you'd know that someone was promising you fidelity and faithfulness in their love for you. Many of these centuries-old flower meanings translate well into modern Paganism and Wicca -- after all, if magic uses symbolism, we can take this language of flowers and incorporate it into our day-to-day magical living.

Here is a partial list of flowers and their meanings:

May Queen's Crown

If you're holding any kind of Beltane celebration at all, it's all about the flowers! Be sure to jazz up your festivities with a crown of flowers -- it looks beautiful on any woman, and really brings out the goddess within. Not only that, it's pretty heavy on the fertility symbolism as well. A floral crown is easy to make with just a few basic craft supplies.

You'll need the following:

Make a Mini-Maypole

For many people, a Maypole Dance is the best way ever to celebrate the fertility holiday of Beltane… but let's face it, you may not have the ability to do that. Not everyone can stick a 20-foot pole in their yard, or you may not even know enough other Pagans (or Pagan-friendly non-Pagans) to have a Maypole Dance in the first place. If that's the case, there's a much smaller alternative.

For this simple craft project, you'll need the following: