The Second Branch of the Mabinogion is titled “Branwen, Daughter of Llyr”, and is, at least on the surface, a story about Sovereignty of the Land.   The deity introduced in the branch are Branwen and Bendigeidfran. Pryderi is mentioned in the story, as well as two other gods that we meet in the later branches: Taliesin and Manawyddan.


Llyr is not really discussed, other than to tell us that he is the father of Branwen, Bran, and Manawyddan. Llyr is an ancient Welsh Sea God, or possibly the sea himself.


Bendigeidfran -

“Bran the Blessed” was a giant, and son of the sea god.   He was also a King of the ‘Isle of the Mighty’ which is an appellate of England.  Bran is one of the ancient guardians of Britan, and known for his wise counsel.


Branwen -

In this story, Branwen represents the Goddess of Sovereignty.  Her totem is the starling.




1 - Insult of Matholwch

2 - The Cauldron of Rebirth

3 - The Rescue of Branwen

4 - The Sojourn of the Head

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