Solar System Necklace

Are you looking for something to do while you're sitting vigil on the longest night of the year?  With a little experience in beading, you can construct this beautiful necklace and carry all the powers of the Milky Way around your neck.  Purchasing all the materials can be a little pricey, but beginning your project well in advance would give you time to gather the materials slowly, and allow time to charge each "planet" with the appropriate energy.


These instructions are from the Gallery of Designs at Fire Mountain Gems.



  •  14Kt gold-filled, 14mm smooth round(for the sun)
  •  mahogany obsidian, 8mm round(for Mercury)
  • dark green aventurine, 12mm round(for Venus)
  • Swarovski crystal, crystal, 4mm bicone(for the Asteroid Belt)
  • Swarovski crystal, jet, 4mm bicone(for the Asteroid Belt)
  • Seed bead, Delica, rainbow clear, transparent frosted(for the Asteroid Belt)
  • Seed bead, opaque white(for the Asteroid Belt)
  • red jasper, 12mm round(for Mars)
  • sardonyx, red and white bull's eye, 12mm round(for Jupiter)
  •  sardonyx, black and white, 12mm round(for Saturn)
  • tiger iron, 4mm round(for Saturn's moon)
  • moss agate, 12mm round(for Uranus and Neptune)
  • mother-of-pearl white, 4mm round(for the Milky Way)
  • globe bead, 12mm round (for Earth)


Findings and Tools:

  • Headpin, gold-color, 4-inch
  • Eyepin, gold-plated, 1-inch
  • Pliers, round-nose
  • Pliers, flat-nose
  • Pliers, side-cutting


 The Planets

  •  Most of the planets are very simple: choose a bead from the package or strand, thread onto a headpin, cut to whatever length you desire. At the top of the headpin, create an ''eye'' or loop (as on an eyepin).
  •  Use a 14mm gold-filled bead for the Sun, an 8mm mahogany obsidian bead for Mercury, a 12mm green aventurine bead for Venus, a 12mm red jasper bead for Mars, a 12mm moss agate bead for Neptune and an 8mm snowflake obsidian bead for Pluto.
  •  The Jupiter bead can be cleverly realistic. Red-and-white banded sardonyx often has red dots--a little careful observation can locate a bead to mimic Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot.
  •  A black-and-white banded sardonyx bead will be used for Saturn. To create Saturn's ring (with moon), thread the chosen bead on a headpin.




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