"I Am"

Aries is the leader, charging forward.  Used for drive and power, Aries initiates and begins.  Call upon Aries when you need courage, leadership, and aggression.





Cardinal Fire


"I Feel"

Sign of the ocean and the moon.  Its energy is that of emotion, empathy, dreams, psychic energy.  Symbolizes motherhood and childhood, as well as any care-taking situation.  Cancer teaches us about emotional boundaries.


Feminine / Yin

Cardinal Water



"I Desire"

The sign of Power.  Teaches us the lessons of both having power and desiring it.  Its greatest gift is the power of self-transformation.  Associated with sex and death, Scorpio energy can be used to create and transform, and to deal with obsessions, power struggles, investigations, surgery, and personal rebirth.


Feminine / Yin

Fixed Water



"I See"

The power of freedom:  Intellectual, Philosophical, and Spiritual freedom, as well as emotional and spiritual freedom.  Sagittarian energy is used for business, administration, prosperity, exploration, physical competitions and good luck.  Can also be used for philosophical and spiritual learning.


Masculine / Yang

Mutable Fire



"I Have"

Represents the power of the hearth and home.  Material wealth, fine food, music, comfort, art, sensuality.  Use Taurean energy for spells involving materialism and the finer things in life.  Brings grounding and stability.  Spells using this energy generally take the longest to manifest, but once the do they are the most enduring.



Feminine / Yin

Fixed Earth



"I Will"

Sign of personality an the ego.  Use Leo's energy to enhance qualities of leadership, confidence and creativity.






Masculine / Yang

Fixed Fire



"I Decide"

The sign of balance and justice, Libra teaches us to find balance in our work and relationships, as well as out spiritual and mundane pursuits.  Focuses on partnerships of all kinds, as well as love of the arts.



Feminine / Yin

Fixed Water



"I Know"

Communication, sudden and swift change, unorthodox thinking, innovation.  Use this energy to foster the unexpected, including technology and new paradigms.  This energy can create a universal fellowship.


Masculine / Yang

Fixed Air





"I Think"

Sign of communication.  Is energy enhances our ability to speak with others, be more social, learn new information, and adapt to new situations.  Gemini energy has two currents and can multi-task with the powers of the mind.


Masculine / Yang

Mutable Air


"I Analyze"

The temporary gifts of the earth, such as the crops that sustain us.  Focus on service to others, social charity, and the healing arts.  Virgo energy rules our day to day work (chores), and is very grounded in details.  It enhances our ability to discriminate and analyze the finer details.


Feminine / Yin

Mutable Earth



"I Use"

Responsibility, Honor, Truth (what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear).  This energy can be used for spells involving career, public honor, vocation, achievement, respect, confidence, and tradition.  It helps with whatever responsibilities you hold.


Feminine / Yin

Cardinal Earth



"I Believe"

The sign of surrender to the divine and transcending all limits.  The struggle between the spiritual and the material.  Use this energy to foster creativity, spirituality, and to reveal the hidden, generate empathy, and dive into the deep spiritual waters to return with the treasure of self knowledge.


Feminine / Yin

Mutable Water


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