Planetary Hours

If you really want to add some extra power to your spell, you can utilize the system of planetary hours.  This idea is based on the Chaldean system of planet rulership.   Each day and each hour of the day are ruled by one of the 7 known planets of the time:  Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon.   By calculating the planetary hours of a given day, you can perform your spell or plan a particular activity using the extra energy of the ruling planet.


For instance, if you are looking of a new job, performing a spell on a Wednesday (Ruled by Mars) and if the spell is timed during the  hour that is ruled by Mars, you have added that aggressive energy to help your spell manifest more quickly.

Calculating the hours is no small task, but here are the instructions to do it manually:


As an example, we will pretend we are planning a spell to get a new car.   We have decided that we can set some time aside on Saturday Morning Jan 1, 2011 to perform the spell, and we want to see what time would be most beneficial.


  1.  Determine whether you will be working during the day or at night.
  2.  If you need the planetary hours for the day, determine the sunrise and sunset times at your location for that day.  If you are working at night, you will need the sunset time and the time of the next sunrise.
  3. For our example, sunrise is at 7:01 am and sunset at 5:46 pm.
  4.  Calculate the number of minutes of daylight during that day and then dividend by 12 to determine the length of the planetary hour for that day.
  5. 645 mins dividend by 12 = 53.75.  So Each hour will last for approximately 54 minutes.
  6. Hour 1 will last from 7:01 am (sunrise) until 7:55 am.
  7. Hour 2 is from 7:55 am until 8:49 am, and so on.  The last hour of the day should end at sunset.


Next, consult the charts below to see which planets rule each particular hour for a given day:



View Charts for Day and Night Hours -


















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