Planetary Correspondences


Power of life.  Seed that bears fruit.  Associated with life, health, vitality, and powers that relate to strength.  Prosperity, creativity, and power to manifest.  When you want your presence to be known in the world, use the Sun's energy in ritual.


Archetypes:  Solar King, Divine Youth


Power of love and attraction.  Governs all aspects of love and relationships.  Romance, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, erotica, attraction are all under her domain.  Venus is the magnetic power, and attracts all things of value.  Anything you value can be drawn to you with Venus.



Archetypes:  Love Goddesses, Fertility Goddesses



Power of contraction.  Saturn energy is restrictive, disciplined, orderly.  The energy of karma, forcing you to see things you do not wish to see.  The dark queen who rules through fear.  Use Saturn for protective magic, bindings, and shields, for understanding karma, and for manifesting things on your life you need to move on to the next learning (which may be things your ego doesn't want).


Archetypes:  Grain God, Grim Reaper, Underworld Goddess, Crone, Destroyer Goddess


Influences all magic, especially the astral, emotional, and psychic realms.  Aids in astral travel and shamanic journey work.  Holds the key to past life memories and talents we bring into this lifetime.  Helps one listen to intuition and distinguish reality from illusion.  Feminine cycles, relationships, fertility, motherhood, family, childbirth, and wisdom that comes with age.


Archetypes:  Moon Goddesses, Triple Goddess


God of War and the flip side to Venus.  Mars Projects outwards and manifests.  His energy is active and aggressive.  Like the masculine Sun energy, Mars can also manifest your will, your fire, into the world.  Also very protective and grounding.


Archetypes:  Warrior, Protector


The planet of breaking new ground, unusual thinking, new thought, and invention.  Higher communication directly with the divine mind.  Represents our intuition, our sense of "knowing".  Can trick us into seeing things in a new way.  Call upon Uranus to stimulate your mind into seeing, doing, and communicating things differently.


Archetypes:  Sky God, Divine Rebel, Trickster



Power of the mind.  Spells involving intellect, memorization and knowledge fall under its domain.  Power of communication.  Used for guidance and protection with all forms of communication and travel.


Archetypes:  Messenger,  Magician,  Scribe


Jupiter expands anything it touches.  This energy is associated with growth, abundance, optimism, opportunity and good luck, as well as integration into the larger whole (a growth in connection).  It is often used to enhance  anything from career, home life, to finances and gambling.


Archetypes:  The Cosmos, The Wise Counselor


The highest form of love.  Unconditional love.  The Higher Heart.  Rules the expression and creativity that flows from that love.  Influences psychic ability and dream magic.  Its dark side is the power of addiction, disillusionment, escapism, and detachment.


Archetypes:  Sea God, Sacrificed God


Power of death and resurrection.  It destroys what doesn't serve to create something new.  Pluto is the Higher Will, the Divine Will.  Not the will of your personality, but the will of the gods, the will of your soul.  Call upon Pluto to add sheer power to transform your spell, but be mindful of the consequences.


Archetypes:  Horned God, Underworld King

To Scale:  The Solar System

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