Everyone knows about Halloween.  Trick or treating, costumes, parties and scary movies.  But the sabbat of Samhain is a little more than the revelries of Halloween.


Samhain is the third and final harvest festival, and any food left in the fields after sundown on this day are considered unfit for human consumption - they are left for the Fae, and any other spirits that might happen by.  Samhain is an intensely personal time, a time to honor the ancestors and those that have passed before us.  For some of us, it marks the time of going within - the beginning of a journey though our own inner spaces to take stock of the past season and integrate the lessons we have learned.


Samhain is another cross-quarter day, falling between the autumnal equinox (Mabon) and the winter solstice (Yule).  In my personal practice, I celebrate the Sabbat on its true day, saving October 31 for the Halloween festivities.

Symbols and Themes of Samhain


Colors of  Samhain

orange, black, purple, blood red, burgundy - colors of root vegetables: eggplant, pumpkins, gourds, etc...

Deities and Archetypes of Samhain

Cerridwen, Arawn, Hecate, Hel,

Meng Po, Morrighan

Grim Reaper, Crone

  Construct Your Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows can be as simple as a spiral notebook or a manila folder stuffed with notes, or as elaborate as an oversized leather-bound, jewel-encrusted tome.  OF course, some people go the electronic route:  a special folder on their pc desktop, all the way to a complex database system with cross references and collating capabilities.



  Homemade Ink

Article by Stitchilicious at MookyChick.


Whether you love arts and crafts – or spellwork – or both, we’ll show you how to make your own crafty inks and oils. If you wish, we’ll also show you how to imbue them with magickal properties for spell crafting and prayer books.



  Set Up an Ancestor Shrine

In many Pagan traditions, the ancestors are honored, especially at Samhain. This Sabbat, after all, is the night when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its most fragile. By setting up an ancestor shrine or altar, you can honor the people of your bloodline --


  Make A Grave Rubbing

Many modern Pagans include ancestor worship as part of their Samhain celebrations -- it's not out of the ordinary to meet members of the Pagan community who can recite their genealogy back ten or more generations. In addition, because it's common for Pagans today to view death not as ending but as the beginning of the next phase of spiritual development, grave rubbings are popular with many Pagans...




















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